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The Little Pony – May 12, 2020

The Little Pony by Paco Bezerra and translated by Spartanburg native Marion Peter Holt follows a young couple grappling with their son’s traumatic bullying because of his My Little Pony backpack.

Upstate actors Ryan Hewitt and Libby Riggins star in this reading and Brigitte Carpenter directs. The Little Pony was inspired by events that took place in North Carolina in 2014.

Michael Morones, age eleven, was brought to the emergency room after attempting to hang himself from the bunk in his room because he could no longer endure the insults and attacks of his schoolmates. During the suicide attempt, Michael was without oxygen for several minutes, suffered permanent brain damage, and is in a semi-vegetative state. He was a fan of the animated series My Little Pony.

A month later, Grayson Bruce, nine years old, was forbidden entry into his school for carrying a My Little Pony backpack. The school principal considered it “inviting bullying” if the minor came to school with the backpack, even accusing the boy of having provoked “disorder in the classroom.”

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Blue Camp – April 28, 2020

Blue Camp is set at an army detention center on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay during the early days of the Vietnam War as outed soldiers confront the hypocrisy of the military’s treatment of gay servicemen.
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WHITE PICKET WIVES – April 14, 2020

About WHITE PICKET WIVES by Vivian Zelda Strong: It’s 1953, and Julia Fitzgerald lives the life of every suburban housewife’s dreams. But everything changes when her old friend Lizzie moves in down the street, and sparks feelings in her that Julia had long since denied. As their relationship rekindles under the darkening shadow of McCarthyism, Julia and Lizzie discover the murderous lengths they must go to to defend their forbidden love. TOTALLY FREE, but are accepting PayPal/Credit Card donations.
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