Michel Colletti to Direct ‘Rachels’ in ‘The P Grabber Plays’


Proud Mary Theatre Company is supporting our sisters in the #MeToo movement with our virtual production and South Carolina premiere of The Pussy Grabber Plays (Stories Inspired by the Women Who Came Forward), a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood streaming on August 27 just as the Assaulter-in-Chief accepts the GOP nomination for president.

Before the 2016 election, 19 brave women came forward to speak out about their encounters with Donald Trump. Their courage inspired the Women’s March and the #MeToo movement, but their stories have been too easily dismissed, forgotten and reduced to a statistic.

The Pussy Grabber Plays is a series of eight short plays created by some of the most highly acclaimed women writing for theater today. Based on interviews with seven of the women who have spoken out, the plays offer insights into each woman’s life, her decision to stand up, and the fallout she’s faced. Laced with humor, fear, heartbreak and anger, The Pussy Grabber Plays is political theater at its best: telling the untold stories about women who have risked everything to speak truth to power.

Michel Colletti will direct Rachels, based on the bravery of Rachel Crooks and written by Halley Feiffer. Three actors portray Rachel at different ages and the play is the only one to include a male role, simply called Loving Boyfriend.

Michele and her husband relocated to Greenville in 2016 and she was eager to start performing again after a hiatus raising her 3 children and enjoying a successful 25 year career in nonprofit education, including one she founded in 2003, Footlights Center for Performing Arts now in its 17th year at the YMCA in Hartford, CT. You have seen her at Centre Stage in Sister Act, Mamma Mia and Good People, among others and has recently directed Sean Grennan’s virtual play “Couples for Centre Stage and Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre.

Tickets for The Pussy Grabber Plays go on sale Monday, August 17. The Pussy Grabber Plays will stream Thursday, August 27 @ 8 pm -Sunday, August 30 @ midnight.

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