Playbill Ads

Reserving your ad in our program is a fabulous opportunity for your businesses to reach the LGBTQ+ audience at Proud Mary Theatre MainStage produc​tions!​ ​Funds from ad purchases will help Proud Mary Theatre achieve our mission of bringing quality productions and LGBQT+ voices and stories to life in the Upstate.

Ads are available for a single show, or our full season!  With a season ad package, your business can reach potentially thousands of customers over the next year.

Sandy Staggs
(864) 580-8385 (phone/text)


AD SIZESDimensions 1 Show4 Shows
1/4 Page Wide

5″w x 2″h$50 [wp_cart_button name=”1/4 Page W  Single” price=”50″]$200 [wp_cart_button name=”1/4 Page W Season” price=”150″]
1/4 Page Tall2.5″w x 4″h$50 [wp_cart_button name=”1/4 Page Single T” price=”50″]$200 [wp_cart_button name=”1/4 Page T Season” price=”150″]
1/2 Page5″w x 4″h$100 [wp_cart_button name=”1/2 Page Single” price=”100″]$350 [wp_cart_button name=”1/2 Page Season” price=”300″]
Full Page5″w x 8″h$200 [wp_cart_button name=”Full Page Single” price=”200″]$600  [wp_cart_button name=”Full Page Season” price=”600″]