can enrich 1 community and change an infinite amount of lives

…they change lives

Join us in supporting the mission of the Proud Mary Theatre Company by becoming a Loud & Proud sponsor today!

Proud Mary Theatre is dedicated to showcasing quality LGBTQIA+ voices and stories in the Upstate. You can help us achieve our mission by becoming a Show Sponsor or a Season Sponsor. Our sponsors enjoy a range of benefits, including complimentary tickets, reserved premium seating and beverages, playbill advertising, and exclusive access to our VIP Previews and Receptions. Join us in supporting the arts and promoting diverse perspectives.

Read a story below, about how one sponsorship changes lives…

Once upon a time, in a small town called Spartanburg, there was a vibrant and passionate community of artists who had a dream. They dreamt of creating a theatre company that would bring people together, inspire change, and celebrate diversity. This dream became a reality when the Proud Mary Theatre Company was born in 2017.

The Proud Mary Theatre Company quickly gained recognition for its groundbreaking productions that tackled important social issues and gave a voice to marginalized communities. Their performances were not just entertaining; they were thought-provoking and left a lasting impact on everyone who attended.

As the theater company grew in popularity, its founders realized that they needed support to continue their mission. They knew that in order to make a difference, they needed sponsors who believed in their cause and were willing to invest in their vision of making the Upstate more inclusive.

One day, a local business owner named Sarah received an invitation to become a sponsor of the Proud Mary Theatre Company. Intrigued by the prospect of supporting such a meaningful endeavor, she decided to attend one of their performances.

Sarah was blown away by what she saw on stage. The actors’ performances were powerful, the set design was stunning, and the stories being told were both heart-wrenching and inspiring. She couldn’t help but feel deeply moved by the experience.

After the show, Sarah had the opportunity to meet the theater company’s founders and artists involved in the show. They spoke passionately about their mission to promote inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance through the arts. Sarah knew in her heart that she wanted to be a part of this incredible journey.

Becoming a sponsor of the Proud Mary Theatre Company meant more than just financial support for Sarah. It meant aligning herself with a cause she deeply believed in which connected her to a community much in need of support during these times. It meant helping to create a space where everyone’s stories could be heard and celebrated. It meant making a difference.

Sarah’s business became an official sponsor of the Proud Mary Theatre Company. She proudly displayed their logo on her shop window, and in her customer communications, and was even able to offer discounts on her goods to loyal patrons of the theatre company. She spread the word about their upcoming productions to all her customers. She even organized a fundraising event, donating a portion of her sales to support the theater company’s future endeavors.

Thanks to Sarah’s sponsorship and the support of many other like-minded individuals and businesses, the Proud Mary Theatre Company continues to thrive. Their productions reached wider audiences, sparked important conversations, and inspired change in the hearts of many.

Years passed, and the impact of the Proud Mary Theatre Company could be seen all around Spartanburg. The town had become more accepting and inclusive, thanks in large part to the powerful stories told on their stage.

Sarah looked back on her early decision to become a sponsor with pride. She knew that by supporting the Proud Mary Theatre Company, she had played a significant role in creating a more compassionate world. She realized she was actively participating in the world she wanted to see and was helping deteriorate a world where hate and division had reigned supreme for so long.

And so, the story of Sarah and the Proud Mary Theatre Company serves as a reminder that when we come together to support meaningful causes, we have the power to change the world!

“By becoming a sponsor, we can help create a world where everyone’s story is heard and celebrated – a world where love, acceptance, and inclusivity reign supreme.”