Ahsha M. Daniels to Direct Next #BLM Installment


Ahsha M. Daniels

Proud Mary Theatre Company is proud to announce Ahsha M. Daniels as director of the next play in our #BlackQueerLivesMatter series.

Daniels, a talented actor/director and USC Upstate Theatre graduate, honed her skills on a cavalcade of productions with Spartanburg Youth Theatre, and most recently directed Spartanburg Little Theatre’s premiere of Terms of Endearment, one of the Upstate’s final live plays before Covid-19 struck.

She will be directing a double-feature of short plays by Rachel Lynett – In Transit and Choosing You that will stream free Thursday thru Sunday, May 20-23 on our Vimeo Channel.

Lynett (she/they), is a Black/Afro-Latine playwright and producer, whose works have been featured at Theatre Lab, Magic Theatre, True Colors, Florida Studio Theatre, Transformation Theatre, Edgewood College, and as part of the Amplified Series at Indiana University, Bloomington. Their plays Last Night and HE DID IT made the 2020 Kilroy’s List. Lynett is also the Artistic Director of Rachel Lynett Theatre Company and Executive Director of Page by Page.

“I write plays about complicated, complex women of color. These women are neither saints or villains; they’re eternally both, Lynett writes in her Artistic Statement.

“These women are intelligent, blistered, and, most importantly, real. As these women navigate through the American landscape with a series of different issues, they all also struggle with the complicated idea of what it means to be a woman today and the layered complexity that adds to their various dilemmas. I use my plays to invite the audience into my world using humor and creating a recognizable world. We sit together, we drink together, and we live in these spaces together. My work challenges what about these spaces we can accept and what absolutely much change so that “the room where it happens” can be increasingly more inclusive.”

In Transit features a couple who run into each other at an airport after not having seen each other for five years. As they work through the awkwardness of seeing each other and catching up on their lives, they navigate what they meant to each other and if they could ever be that way again.

In Choosing You, as Aurora moves through her day, she considers the two very different lives she might have lived.

Casting is underway for both plays. To audition, send Bio, Headshot & Resume to sandy@proudmarytheatre.com.

For the latest streaming information, visit proudmarytheatre.com.

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